The Call

Wake up + join LIVE guided meditations led by Kelly from the comfort of your own home. Meditate with women from around the world for 21 minutes each morning. The Infinity Call offers LIVE broadcasted meditations Monday – Friday.

Each session is broadcast LIVE through the Infinity Call website + is available for 24 hours. Membership is $25 per month + you may unsubscribe at any time.

The Meditation

The infinity call is the feminine + SHAMANIC EXPERIENCE of self girded by Buddhist methods of presence + mindfulness. we gather in the forest, just as our ANCESTORS did, under the moon. here, you are a daughter of the earth + sky. here, you find sanctuary in a world gone mad.

The science behind meditation is conclusive: sitting every day makes you smarter, kinder, healthier, stronger + happier. Sleep improves, emotional stability increases, depression decreases, anxiety wanes, stress abates, moodiness declines, anger subsides. Creativity grows, intuition develops, habits/fears/phobias diminish, immunity amplifies, tranquility takes over. meditation is the secret to your success.

The Voice

kelly morris is a globally recognized meditation teacher of 25 years + has guided thousands to the deep forests of their inner self with her brilliant articulation of the finer details + deeper truths of meditation + the cosmos at large. she has dedicated her life to bringing meditation to woman everywhere + believes that as women heal themselves, they heal their world. the infinity call has been featured in the wsj, instyle magazine, the coveteur, one king’s lane among others. kelly is also the  creator of WELL + GOOD’s monthly New Moon ReSet, a guided journey for women to rebalance + restore.